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Chapter 2 - Races

The many races of the world all have their own distinct culture, their own rich history, and their own reasons for becoming heroes. Many races have broken off into subraces at various points in the last millenia, with the one exception being Humans. There are listed six types of Beastkin, though these are the most common, and their form may have evolved over time. Each race has evolved it's own strengths and weaknesses, and each race is granted a simple proficiency at creation. The attached tables show the attribute modifiers and racial proficiencies for the various races. Each race also has save proficiency with whatever racial plus they have.


The elves are the oldest of the "common" races, gifted with extended longevity. The first elves were the High Elves, who lived in vast cities of mythril and light. During the First Great War, many of them clung strictly to neutrality. The Law forbid them from intervening in the lives of the Humans, to instead let them thrive on their own innovation. Some Elves rejected this and left their towers to come to the aid of the waylaid Humans against the Orc hordes. The Elves that survived were not allowed to return to their homes, and were forced to take up shelter in the forests of the world. They became the Wood Elves.

Most Elves worship the goddess Mythrandara, as legend tells she created the Elves and taught them how to make Mythril, and gave them the Law.

All elves start with Elven as an additional language.

High Elf

The High Elves descended direct from the first gods, or so the legends say. Though rare to see, their influence on the world is nonetheless impactful. Only High Elves know the secrets of making and utilizing Mythril, which to the uneducated looks and acts like solid mana. As their name implies, they are also known to be haughty and narcissistic. Be that as it may, they are held in high regard for their intelligence. Xenophobic to a fault, their alignments tend towards Law. High Elf society is "too evolved" for nonsense compassions such as good or evil, there is simply the Law, and those who do and do not follow it. As such, they are typically neutral. High Elves that leave their cities to become heroes do so out of a sense of justice, to avenge some wrongdoing, forsaking their familiar Mythril towers to never see them again as a welcomed kin.

The High Elf
FRT -1
INT +1
Racial Proficiency: Knowledge

Wood Elf

These survivors who were forsaken from the First War were thought to have died in the unforgiving wastes of the world. But these Elves weren't to be underestimated. They quickly developed a connection with the earth, the land and the waters, and thrived in the forest. Over time, the Orcs learned of the Elves encampments and began to attack. Forced to defend themselves, the Wood Elves showed their resilience, and have, with occasional help from Hill Dwarves and some kindhearted Humans, established themselves on earth. Not, however, without sacrifices, as many Wood Elves were captured and dragged off in dirty, hairy Orc paws, to who knows where to suffer who knows what fate. Justifiably as xenophobic as their High Elf cousins, these Elves are more carefree within their society. They typically tend to Chaotic and Good. The same beliefs held by their ancestors that left burn strongly in their spirits, to go out and right what's wrong not because the Law commands it, but because it is the right thing to do. Thus, they are more accepting of outsiders, but still with a slight mistrust. Loyalty and trust is proven and earned with a Wood Elf. Not so different from the High Elves, they tend to hold similar values sacred.

The Wood Elf
STR -1
REF +1
Racial Proficiency: Stealth


"Deep in the underground, many things grow unseen." This is the first sentence of the first page of the Holy Book of Heimdlar, the Hungry. Heimdlar is a hero of great legend for the Dwarves, as he was tasked and blessed by the first gods to clear the world of Monsters so that the gods' creations could thrive unimpeded. He did as he was tasked and for years it seemed he was making great progress, until he met with a terrible Monster that proved a great challenge. They fought and battled all across the world until they came to a cave. Heimdlar bravely trapped himself and the Monster in the cave. The world was quiet for a thousand years it is said, until an expedition of Humans made contact with the first Cave Dwarves. After time, some Cave Dwarves ventured out and found hilly plains to call home and mingle with Humans and other races... These Dwarves became Hill Dwarves.

All dwarves begin play with Dwarven as an additional language.

Cave Dwarf

Holding strongly to their faith in the gods and Heimdlar as their champion and holy exemplar, many Cave Dwarves go to be heroes early in life. Many are skilled as smiths, making fantastic sets of armor, or weapons; some are skilled stone workers; more still are skilled tailors. Dwarves society is rugged, mostly working class, the unifying creed is work makes worth. They're hardy, and typically jovial, but are quick to stand up for what's right. As such they are typically Good, with no strong leanings toward Law or Chaos.

The Cave Dwarf
WPW +1
CHA -1
Racial Proficiency: Craft

Hill Dwarf

More flighty than their Cave Dwarf cousins, Hill Dwarves are quicker to run from a fight. Now, that's not to speak of cowardice; on the contrary, more likely he's running to find some buddies, in an effort to fill up numbers. Hill Dwarves definitely feel safer in numbers, possibly because the dangers faced on the open hilly plain are easier combatted with friends.

The Hill Dwarf
REF +1
WPW -1
Size modifier: -1
Racial Proficiency: Acrobatics


The most aggressive and savage of the world's races, the Orcs live in tribal, typically nomadic villages, attacking any non-Orcs they find along the way. It is said the Orcs suddenly came from the mountains, a hoarde of grisly fur and teeth, pillaging everything in their path. Seemingly unsafe, too, were the desert towns that were rendered uninhabitable by sandstorms that seemed to attract their ilk; more accurately the Desert Orc shamans call the sands to cover their movements and to attack unseen. All Orcs crusade in the name of Gruurg, who blessed his creation with strength, hardiness, and divine directive to establish Orckind as the supreme race over all.

All orcs start with Orcish as an additional language.

Mountain Orc

Descended from breedings with Giants, the shortest Mountain Orc is around 8 feet tall. Wielding Large-size weapons and making a living of attacking nearby non-Orc establishments, they are known for brutality and savagery beyond compare. In the tribe, the strongest lead. That means constant in-fighting to prove one's worth. The weak that can't defend themselves die, Orc or no. As they aren't the brightest creatures, a confused Mountain Orc is usually an angry Mountain Orc. Mountain Orc heroes are rare, indeed, but those who take that path do so less as a service to the community, but more to prove themselves to Gruurg against the Monsters of the world.

The Mountain Orc
STR +1
INT -1
Size modifier: +1
Racial Proficiency: Athletics

Desert Orc

Living in the windswept wastes of the world, the hardy Desert Orc thrives. Known to strike from the sand itself, these raiders fiercely attack anyone that strays too far from safety.

The Desert Orc
FRT +1
REF -1
Racial Proficiency: Stamina


Innovative, adaptable, inventive, but also foolhardy and sometimes incorrigible, Humans are considered the "babies" of the multiverse.

The Human
Humans gain no racial ability modifiers.
Humans gain one simple proficiency of their choice as their racial proficiency.


It is unknown at what point in history the Beastkin emerged upon the world; some say they have always been in the world, others call them abominations indicative of the sins of society. The Beastkin are as their name implies, part man and part beast. All Beastkin can Invoke the Beast, a racial proficiency that gives them more attunement to their beast kin. See Racial Proficiencies for more information about Invoke the Beast.

The Beastkin
Kin Beast Invoke the Beast Attribute
Canine Strength
Feline Reflex
Bovine/Equine Fortitude
Reptilian Intellect
Avian Willpower
Kitsune Charm

Racial Proficiencies

Any race you choose gains a racial proficiency. This racial proficiency grants save proficiency with the attribute governing that proficiency.

Invoke the Beast: This ability grants a Beastkin access to their bestial nature, in the form of a +1 bonus to their racial ability for a number of rounds equal to the result of a proficiency check (after the increase). This ability recovers after a short rest.
At Improved, the Beastkin gains a permanent +1 to their Racial Ability score, and the duration of the bonus changes to a number of minutes, and the Beastkin can unleash more of the beast. They gain a special ability depending on their kin: Canine gets a bite attack, Feline gets a claw attack, Bovine/Equine gets a gore attack, Reptilian gets a poisonous secretion, Avian gets a limited fly speed, and Kitsune gets a limited Enchantment(Charm) effect. This ability is active for a number of rounds equal to the result of a proficiency check. The special ability is recovered after a long rest.
At Greater, the bonus becomes +2, and the duration of the bonus changes to a number of hours. The duration of their special ability changes to a number of minutes, the , as well as they gain the ability to change shape to their beast form. The form is Medium size, and has all attacks and special abilities (if any) for a typical animal of its type. This duration is a number of rounds equal to a proficiency check. The special ability is recovered after a short rest, beast form after a long rest.
At Expert, the Beastkin receives another permanent +1 to their racial ability, and the duration of the bonus changes to 12 hours. Their special ability duration likewise upgrades to a number of hours, and their beast form duration upgrades to a number of minutes. Beast form recovers after a short rest.
At Master, the bonus increases to +3 and lasts for a day. The special ability will last for 12 hours, and the beast form will last a number of hours.