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Chapter 1 - Building your Hero

How to build your hero

Welcome to Open Hero Odyssey, where every hero's actions and abilities are shaped by a dynamic interplay between their attribute scores and diverse aptitude trees. Unlike traditional classes that level up through general experience, our system rewards experience gained from performing tasks aligned with relevant proficiencies. For a comprehensive understanding of proficiencies, delve into Chapter 3: Aptitudes.

Allow us to guide you step-by-step through the hero-building process in the upcoming chapters. This chapter is dedicated to illuminating the significance of the eight attributes and how they influence your hero's prowess.

In the subsequent chapters (2 and 3), we will unveil the intricate details of Races and Aptitudes, providing you with a comprehensive understanding of each aspect. Equip yourself with knowledge about the game's various items and equipment in Chapter 4: Equipment, and delve into the mechanics of adventuring, combat in Chapter 5: Adventuring and Combat.

For those drawn to the mystical arts, Chapter 6: Magic unravels the complexities of magic and how it operates, particularly if you choose to invest points in your hero's Mana attribute.

A Hero's Attributes

The attributes for which scores are assigned are as follows:

  • Might (MGT)
  • Reflex (REF)
  • Fortitude (FRT)
  • Perception (PRC)
  • Intellect (INT)
  • Personality (PER)
  • Appearance (APP)
  • Mana (MAN)

Might (MGT)

Might measures your hero’s physical strength. This attribute is important for those who want to wield weapons, break things, and cause damage.

Your hero’s Might applies to:

  • Attack Rolls
  • Carrying capacity
  • Push, pull, drag
  • Melee damage rolls
Reflex (REF)

Reflex is a measure of your hero’s hand-eye coordination, agility, dexterity, and balance.

You apply your hero’s Reflex to:

  • Base movement speed
  • Defense rolls
  • Reactions
Fortitude (FRT)

Fortitude is a measure of your hero's physical endurance and health.

You apply your hero's Fortitude to:

  • Physical Health
  • Physical Endurance

Perception is a measure of your hero's acuity, perspicacity, sagacity, and awareness.

You apply your hero’s Perception to:

  • Rolls made to perceive surroundings.

Intellect determines your hero’s ability to learn and reason, as well as their capacity for knowledge.

You apply your hero’s Intellect to:

  • The number of languages your hero can know at creation

Personality is a measure of your hero’s likeability, charm, and leadership.

You apply your hero’s Personality to:

  • Interactions that involve diplomacy or suaveness.

Appearance is your hero’s physical presence, and is less a measure of physical attractiveness, than your hero's ability to use their appearance to their advantage.

You apply your hero's Appearance to:

  • Interactions that involve intimidation or seduction.

Mana is your hero's ability to channel and store mana, the base substance for producing magical effects. It is an "extra" ability, that represents your hero's connection to anything magic.

You apply your hero's Mana to:

  • The Mana aptitudes and actions (see Chapter 6: Magic for more information on the Mana aptitudes).

Spending points on Attributes and Aptitudes

In Open Hero Odyssey, attribute scores are determined by a point-buy system. At Hero Creation, players are given 32 all-purpose Aptitude points to purchase additional aptitudes and/or attribute score. Each player starts with 1 in each score except Mana, which starts at 0.

From then on, ATTRIBUTE experience is gained by succeeding on Challenge Rolls, which take your hero's ATTRIBUTE dice. Experience in a given ATTRIBUTE can then be spent to improve that ATTRIBUTE, or to purchase a related Aptitude. The accompanying table, 1-a, describes how to upgrade your hero in the various difficulty modes.

Table 1-a, Attribute and Aptitude cost by Difficulty
ATB/APT tier Easy COST Normal COST Hardcore COST Honour COST
=1= 4 8 16 32
=2= 8 16 32 64
=3= 16 32 64 128
=4= 32 64 128 256
=5= 64 128 256 512
=6= 128 256 512 1024
=7= 256 512 1024 2048
=8= 512 1024 2048 4096
=9= 1024 2048 4096 8192