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Welcome to Open Hero Odyssey!

Happy 2023!

OHO is a developing RPG platform for both world-building and hero-building that introduces the skill proficiency system, allowing you to select suites of proficiencies to define your hero's abilities instead of choosing between classes that force you into a particular role. This adaptability allows it to be used for any style of play, from fantasy adventure to futuristic space battle, and everything in between.

Apocalypse Nigh

The fantasy campaign adventure world conceived to showcase the mechanics of OHO.

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Hero Handbook

The rulebook on how to play the game, currently under construction so there's new content added almost every day!

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Hero Creator

The online app that will help you build your hero!
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Play the Game

The game mode where you can play your hero. Different difficulties make for more challenging levels of play!

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Open Hero Odyssey is looking for playtesters!

OHO is continuing updates to the mechanics and rules based on the issues found in Phase One testing. (Click here to see the games). Character sheets and dice will be replaced by a mobile app (coming soon!) that controls the minute aspects of play, while mechanics are tested (like damage, and certain special abilities), on player and game master side. The goal for players here is to test the limits of the mechanics and rules as they are stated. Min/maxing for this purpose is highly encouraged. The goal for game masters is to get a feel for running gaming sessions with the mechanics, and seeing where problems arise in practice.

Additionally, if you would like to contribute lore or art to the project, let us know!

Mobile App released!

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Here's a list of upcoming features to be added:

  • One-shot adventures taking place in the Imperium -

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